BBS Akrotiri Cyprus 1961

5 Feb

“Base Broadcasting Service”

RAF Akrotiri – Cyprus – 1960 to 1963

Material by Barry Moncrieff and John Holyer

New pictures from George McLennan

BBS Picture

Barry Moncrieff with Ann Slaney in front

BBS More

George McLennan

BBS some more

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1962 Akrotiri Map

Main Camp Plan – BBS 1961 – 1962 Blocks and BBS Cables.

BBS Cables and other features.

Akrotiri Final

The Same area Today – 2012

BBS Control - 1

BBS Control - 2        On Air - 4

Staff at BBS Studio 1961

On Air - 2        BBS Chart - enhanced

AR88 Radio        On Air - 1

Me Tuning in BBC News on the AR88 receivers

ready for the 8 o’clock News.   My weekly Jazz Show.

On Air - 3

Block 65 - 1        Block 65 - 3

2 shots of RAF Akrotiri Block 65.

Mast Done

Pictures when The BBS Mast was Erected

“Tony Stone” I think !!! 1961

Mast Going Up        Mast Up

BBS Sound - 1

“Sound” BBS weekly Programme Guide

Inside SundayInside Mon - TuesWed - Thurs

Inside FridayInside Saturday

Inside – The Weeks Schedule

 FBS Times London Calling

   FBS Cyprus Radio Times                London Calling from the BBC

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BBS CD      BBS Disc Label

The Cover and Disc Label

Tannoy Amps        Recorders

The Tannoy Distribution Amplifiers and  Recording Equipment

Load Speakers in each Room had 3 choices BBS or FBS or OFF !!!

probably OFF was the Choice !!!

Inside Block 65

Inside Block 65 1961

Who was that touching my head ?

103 MU Card        BBS Party

103 MU Membership Card and BBS Party 1961

50 Years ago – I do not remember all the Names of people – In 1961 it was me that crawled in all the lofts a fixed Load Speakers in all the Blocks – Tony “Stone”  I think helped by erecting the Telegraph Poles between Blocks. We were hoping to Transmit on the Medium Wave to cover Akrotiri, Limassol and Episkopi. We went to BBC Zygi Transmitter Relay Station –  along the coast from Limassol and managed to get a “Short Wave Transmitter” – Tony rewound the coils so that it would work on “Medium Wave” –  We put a Mast up at the back of 103 Maintainance Unit  – We tried it on Dummy Load – All the Camp could hear us – but  it was producing so many harmonics that the RAF Police came and said “Turn that thing off ” No Planes can land – you are interfering with “Ground Control” So in 1961 we did not manage to cover the south of the island.     I ramble on !!!

These are the people who might have more pictures and material that I can add to this BBS Blog..

The 1960 – January 1962  BBS Staff List

1961 Staff List

 1963 Heading

1963 Staff List

BBS Staff More 1962


This is from Rinty – 1963 — Thanks

BBS Studio    RAF Akrotiri    August 1963      …    from left to right

????    Jan Turner    Audrey Fortune    John Holyer  …   Happy days.

holyer 3

BBS 1963 - 1

Write Up

Holyer 4

Here is Mike Quance – 1963


Blow my own Top !!!


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